Over 67 years of Suraj Group family journey

We at Suraj Group have been active for two decades in manufacturing industry producing high technology and cost competitive Agriculture products for domestic markets. We have continuously invested to create most up-to-date design & development, manufacturing and related capabilities including human resource to produce quality products and services for the Domestic markets.

  • 1950-Laid the Foundation of Suraj Group

    In the year 1950, Shri Ramesh Parsewar and his father Shri Vishwambhar Parsewar initially laid the foundation of suraj group by starting a small business of selling Tin shade roof’s.

  • 1960-Suraj Group Came into Existence

    Further moving up 1960 suraj group came completely in existence after their first success and hence the size of shop increased gradually naming in to Suraj Depot, at this stage they were used to sell GP/GC/CR/HR Tin Shade roofs types.

  • 1998-Trading business of PVC pipes.

    Shri Ramesh Parsewar is very transparent in nature,huge Perspective,friendly ,cooperative and has a strong leader ship ability and due to his leadership ability and polite nature he maintained a relation towards common people of society especially farmers ,to do something for farmers he established a trading business of PVC pipes in 1998 which was used for water supply for farming.

  • 2003-Started Production plant of PVC pipes

    With immense demand of PVC pipes for farming and hence to fulfill the demand supply of PVC pipes Shri Ramesh Parsewar took a brave step in 2003 started production plant of PVC pipes and hence the company named to Supreme Gold.
  • 2007-ISO & ISI ceritified in quality standards

    Further continuing the success journey supreme gold got ISO & ISI certified in quality standards in 2007
  • 2016 (CPVC Product Lauching with wide range of pvc fittings)

    2016 (CPVC Product Lauching with wide range of pvc fittings) Planning is there introduce Flat Drip & Round Drip Production with Hi-Tech Machines
    Blow Moulding Water Tank Manufacturing has been started.

  • 2016-2017 we have been associated with Reliance Group Division

    We have been associated with Reliance Group Division ``Jai Corp Ltd`` for the manufacturing GP/GC Sheets. Now captured all over india Market.
  • Jai Corp Ltd Nanded itself in 2018.

    Manufacturing of Color Coated Products also will start in Jai Corp Ltd Nanded itself in 2018.
    Basic Infrastructure set up erected.